• JJ Yosh films at the GoPro Games

    Go Pro Mountain Games

    This is a reel of the fun times had by the Go Pro team of social media influencers, athletes, media peeps, and fellow go pro team members.

  • JJ Yosh at Excursion Club in Santa Barbara

    UCSB Excursion Club

    JJ revisits his old club – The Excursion Club at UCSB 12 years later, only to be shocked by some new surprises. JJ helped co-found the Excursion Club with Lacy Skidmore in 2003, after taking over an existing club with the same name.

  • JJ Yosh at Boulder Colorado Hiking

    Why the Outdoors is Special

    In this video, I take a hike in my local mountains to have some alone time with nature. Besides the serenity and beauty of the outdoors, there is something else I seem to discover out here…

  • South Dakota Journey

    South Dakota Journey

    Journey with adventurer, JJ Yosh and Food and Travel writer, Lauren Monitz on an incredible 5 day journey to South Dakota. From Climbing to caving to mountain biking to helicoptering to hiking – these two will shake up on the state while getting shaken up themselves. Edited by Conner Tieulie […]

  • JJ Yosh Canyoneering in Utah for GOPRO

    Utah Canyoneering

    Adventurer, JJ Yosh and Outdoorsman Yannick Chagineau head out on a canyoneering trip in Utah with three other friends. They attempt to go through the fun and wild Zero Gravity Canyon.

  • What is Adventure to You?

    What is Adventure to You?

    JJ Yosh and Meri Antin open up and describe what adventures means to them. Featuring footage shot by Go Pro and Canon 6D Camera. On location at Mt. Hope in Colorado. For more outdoor adventures go to www.jjyosh.com Edited by Brandon Laine

  • JJ Yosh preparing Cookie Dough in Boulder Colorado

    Trail Dough

    How to make cookie dough on the go!

  • Mango Salsa

    Mango Salsa


  • Hangover Green Juice

    Hangover Green Juice

    Host JJ Yosh prepares the ultimate green juice to cure any hangover.

  • Garden Fettuccini

    Garden Fettuccini

    Join Backcountry Chef & Adventurer, JJ Yosh as he cooks up Garden Fettuccine. An easy simple meal to cook up wherever you are, especially in the backcountry. Edited and Shot by Conner Tieulie

  • Zen Sushi Rolls

    Zen Sushi Rolls

    HOW TO MAKE ZEN SUSHI ROLLS! Backcountry Cooking at its best! Cooking in the Wild doesn’t mean you can’t eat gourmet.

  • Shrimp Stirfry

    Shrimp Stirfry

    HOW TO MAKE WILD SHRIMP STIR-FRY – COOKING WILD Host – JJ Yosh Co-Host – Tinger Hseigh Guest Host – Narvie Madison Shot by Conner Tieulie Written by Will Holby Edited by Conner Tieulie and JJ Yosh

  • Asparagus w/ Orange Sauce

    Asparagus w/ Orange Sauce

    Join backcountry chef JJ Yosh as he prepares a quick an easy stirfry dish that can be cooked indoors or outdoors whatever you prefer. On today’s menu – Tofu Asparagus Stirfry with an orange sauce Edited and Shot by Conner Tieulie

  • Eggplant Stirfry

    Eggplant Stirfry

    Join Backcountry Chef & Adventurer, JJ Yosh as he cooks up Eggplant Stir-fry with tofu. An easy simple meal to cook up wherever you are, especially in the backcountry. Edited and Shot by Brandon Laine

  • Bouldering & Guacamole

    Bouldering & Guacamole

    Join Backcountry Chef and Adventurer, JJ Yosh on another journey into the wild cooking up this time – Guacamole – backcountry style. JJ’s been working up quite an appetite bouldering, so the perfect snack is Guacamole! Edited and Shot by Conner Tieulie

  • Balance is Joy

    Balance is Joy

    Filmed on Location at the Fruit Bowl in Moab Utah during the 2016 GGBY (Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah) Highline, Slackline, Base jump Festival Part of the Movement is Life Series

  • Movement is Life

    Movement is Life

    A short artistic running film that takes an introspective look on the synergy between movement and life and how they go hand and hand.

  • JJ Yosh hiking in Dream Canyon Boulder Colorado

    Flying into the Wild

    An Adventure short film about the freedom and beauty the outdoors instills in all of us. 

  • Koahsiung (Ep. 5)

    Koahsiung (Ep. 5)

    Join JJ Yosh as he tours around Taiwain on his latest adventure.

  • Tropic of Cancer (Ep.4)

    Tropic of Cancer (Ep.4)

    A short video blog of an adventure in Taiwan. This episode shows the Tropic of Cancer that falls directly in Taiwan and all of the places that fall within it.

  • Lost in Taiwan (Ep. 3)

    Lost in Taiwan (Ep. 3)

    Another day another adventure. Follow JJ Yosh as visits Tainan in Taiwan. Losing a challenge in a previous episode he must now run from one fort to another fort in the city of Tainan Taiwan.

  • KOM Challenge (Ep.1)

    KOM Challenge (Ep.1)

    Join adventurer JJ Yosh as he explores Taiwan.

  • Jade Mountain (Ep. 2)

    Jade Mountain (Ep. 2)

    Join adventurer JJ Yosh as he explores Taiwan.

  • JJ Yosh stargazing in Moab Utah for Canon

    The Stars

    A poetic short series that explores the elements of the Earth. In this episode we explore our connection to the stars.

  • Water


    A poetic short series that explores the elements of the Earth.  In this episode we explore water and its cinematic beauty. 

  • Earth


    A poetic short adventure film series inspiring people to embrace the beauty of nature to free themselves and live better lives.  This is the first episode.

  • Heart


    This is the fourth episode in the Elements of Life Series.

  • Wind


    The fifth installment of the Elements of Life Series. The Breath of Life

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