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About JJ Yosh

Ever since I can imagine, I have dreamt of a world where cities would be built with nature instead of against it. My early fascination with ancient civilizations, the environment, and the great outdoors drove me to search for eco-friendly solutions to better our world.

Over the last 10 years, I have found myself emersed in endless adventures around the world, whether it be climbing mountains, backpacking through forests, or kayaking across the ocean. There is something so pure about the wilderness that keeps calling me back. I cannot get enough. The more I seek to explore the world, the more I understand why I am truly here and how important it is to help our planet.

I welcome you to explore my pages to learn more about what it is I do and to join along with me on future adventures.” – JJ Yosh

How JJ Got Started

My outdoor leadership kicked off after the UCSB Adventure Programs "Outdoor Leadership" course in 2002. Empowered by this experience, I established the Excursion Club, a student operated organization, to encourage other students to experience their surroundings.

It didn't take long until fifty plus students engaged in weekly, student lead, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, sky diving, rock climbing, snow boarding, and backpacking adventures with the Excursion Club. The club continues on to this day. Check out for more information.

Ever since then I've been taking groups of people into the wilderness to experience our natural world. I believe strongly in the philosophy that people must actively experience nature to want to protect it.

JJ's Philosophy

The environment is huge for me in my life. I am very fascinated with educating myself about various environmental issues, and I am even more passionate about how I can convey these issues to others.
I just want to make it easy and fun for people to be green. And I feel media is a really good tool to attract many more people to the outdoors and to living more green.

Recent Works


Blue Moon Commercial

Commercial Ads

This commercial was made for broadcast.  JJ appears as a bar patron.  


Commercial Reel


Reel featuring clips from the various commercials of JJ Yosh: Sports Authority, Chipotle Grill, AT&T/DirecTV, Gortex, Polycom, Intel, Canon, Djarum Super, Blue Moon, Sling, Emprise Bank Edited


Outdoor Trip Report – Ep. 1

TV Host

JJ documents his weekly adventures in this cheeky web-series.


Emprise Bank

Commercial Ads

This commercial was made for the Kansas area.  JJ acts as the bank customer Tyler

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