A poetic short series that explores the elements of the Earth.  In this episode we explore water and its cinematic beauty. 

“As long as I can remember

Ive always been drawn to water

maybe its the way it sparkles as the sun hits it

or the way it feels during a warm shower

no matter the reason

Water is in everything

water is in us

its the key to life as we know it

and its the one thing we can’t survive without

from pole to pole

bodies of water

cover nearly every inch of our planet

taking shape in some of the most incredible forms

from frozen glaciers

to fast moving rivers

to majestic lakes

there is not one place on this earth

where water has not touched

maybe thats why

we feel so enthralled by its beauty

because even in the stillest of its pools

there’s always Water moving

whether it be water chiseling through rocks

to create the most stunning formations

or evaporating into the skies

to generate our weather

water has the power to do anything

it can create

and it can destroy

its something to respect

and something to cherish

and when you really think about it

water isn’t that much different than us

maybe that because

thats exactly what we are”

JJ (@jjyosh) - influencer profile on Dealspotr