A poetic short series that explores the elements of the Earth. In this episode we explore our connection to the stars.

Colorado Principal Photography – Connor Tieulie & Quinn Maxwell

B-roll Stock – Video blocks

“Ive always seen the night skies

with a sense of awe and wonderment

with trillions of stars scattered above

its always been so amazing

to think

how our sun is just one of all of those stars

the stars provide us light

they guide us

but more than that

they give us hope

hope that beyond this world

there might be something else

I always imagine

a planet far way

in some distant galaxy

beings like us

looking up at the same sky

and wondering the same exact thing

the beautiful thing about these stars

is their the one thing

that we can always count on as being there

they are our sole connection to the universe

when I look up at them

I see so many possibilities

to think that every star

has its own solar system

with its own set of planets

you can’t help but wonder

that maybe there our other planets

just like ours

the stars contain the memories

of our entire lifetime

and they act as a portal into a distant time

to events that have already happened

showing us the history of our universe

and ultimately

of ourselves”

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