This is the fourth episode in the Elements of Life Series.

Edited by Brandon Laine
Narrated by JJ Yosh


“The most beautiful thing about life
is that at our core
we are all energy
we are all love

love is the force that connects us all
from the plants, to the trees, to the animals,
to us
love is life

it is the force that binds us to source itself
and beyond all that

love gives us meaning
it makes us smile
it energizes us
and makes us feel alive

love itself cannot be seen
only expressed

and maybe that is why it is so special
because it cannot be explained
only experienced
only felt

deep down
we all strive for it
whether we like to admit
or not

its something we cannot live without
mostly because
it is what we are”

JJ (@jjyosh) - influencer profile on Dealspotr