Filmed on Location at the Fruit Bowl in Moab Utah during the 2016 GGBY (Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah) Highline, Slackline, Base jump Festival
Part of the Movement is Life Series

Produced and Directed by JJ Yosh
Edited by Connor Tieulie and JJ Yosh
Color by Connor Tieulie and Jeff Warnock
Sound by Jeff Warnock
Cinematography by Connor Tieulie
Camera Work by Jeff Warnock
Narrated by JJ Yosh

is when we feel it
we feel good…
we feel alive…

and most importantly
we feel balanced

maybe thats the secret to real joy
maintaining true balance in everything we do

because when we finally experience it…
its like we can handle anything

any maybe thats why nature is so amazing
because it gets it

it has this sense of harmony
between the oceans and skies
between the fauna and the flora

and when we try to mimic nature
we get this instant sense of peace

that almost seems to vibrate through our entire

sway too far one way
and we lose that communion

but once we regain that alignment

we can feel the synergy inside of ourselves
we can feel the connection to earth
that sense of being
that sense of presence

thats always alive in all of us

its like a dance between
our left and right minds

and we fully embrace both sides
life seems to just flow

Because true balance
is joy”

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