Hi I’m JJ Yosh, i’m an adventure filmmaker, actor, on-screen host and truth-seeker.

“I love to climb mountains
Life is about adventure
its about the sense of the unknown
and going beyond your limits
beyond your fears
beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before
and it can be scary
when you climb your first mountain
you just want to climb a higher mountain
because its such an incredible feeling
you’ve been working yourself to death
climbing up

but when you actually get to the real peak
the final peak
the wind in your face
the sun on top of you
it’s just an incredible feeling
that theres nothing else like it

what I love about nature and wilderness
is there’s just so many mountains to climb
theres so much outdoors
that has yet to be explored

and that is why I love to travel
I love just exploring the world around me
because it gives you such a vast perspective on
how big this world is
and at the same time
how small it is too”

JJ (@jjyosh) - influencer profile on Dealspotr